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Merry Christmas my brothers

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What a day! Just want to point out that I said we'd blow out Carolina today. But I admit I was wrong when I said that I just didn't see Arizona pulling the upset. I'll be in Atlanta next weekend attending my first ever home game. This is a special season, I can feel it. I've been saying it for a few weeks now. Merry Christmas guys! We should all be in a **** good mood tomorow morning. Bring on the Saints! 

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19 minutes ago, I love Julio said:

Thanks for acknowledging that some of us on this forum are ladies. Today we got the best early Christmas present ever! It was wonderful to see the Bucs and Seahawks fall! Now if we can just beat the the Saints next week!  

I apologize! Should have made a different thread title. Was just so fired up when I made the thread I wasn't thinking

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1 hour ago, BIRDLAND 2.0 said:

Tell her to find a Saints fan for hitting, then a New England fan!

My cousins are the biggest Saints Fans you'll ever see. Right not they're on the Falcons bandwagon. (or so the say - can't trust a Saint fan - haha)

If we win out they'll be cheering us on. (Unusual people, my cousins)

Merry Christmas to my cousins and my brothers. 


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