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Congrats on the win guys


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We made it. I was at the panthers board talking some trash the last 2 days. Lol @ their fans and even some of our falcons fans thinking their sophisticated dressing QB is better than Matt Ryan. Our dbs balled out. Hageman has 2 sacks in the last 2 games. I'm very happy with where this team is headed. 

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5 minutes ago, LegendofGravy said:

Lol their boards are comical. I wanted to jump in there early this week but arguing with the most immature and football-ignorant fans would be pointless. 

I can definitely see them bringing up Cam's MVP season and supervowl appearance for the next 15 years to make themselves feel better. 

Yepp. However they are much classier than the chit-stains fans, I'll give them that.

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