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Falcons vs Carolina preview: Score Predictions?

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Amid all my trash talking, I know this game won't be a breeze for either team. Atlanta has the number 1 offense in the league, and deservedly so. Matt Ryan is playing lights out this year, and heck your defense is learning and catching on.

This game just seems like it'll be one hard fought battle, against defenses wanting to prove themselves and offenses too.

I think it'll be a low-scoring, hard battle as it should be quite moist and wet around here at 1:00am. 

I predict Panthers 17-16, with an interception to seal the Panthers win during a falcons 1 minute drill.

But it could go both ways in all honesty, and the Falcons could also win, so this game for sure will be a fun watch.

EDIT: Take that back. It'll be dry tomorrow, weather changed today. Game should be much higher scoring, but won't expect above 30 due to the fact it's not in a dome. 

Probable 27-24, Panthers score a last minute field goal to avoid overtime. Hard fought defensive and offensive battle. Again though, score could flip to Falcons favor as well. Not a game anyone could easily predict at all.

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