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Cam = Rupaul? Panthers fans talking smack


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Some clever Falcons fan snuck in their board and said Matt was a man's man and Cam is Rupaul with his hats, scarves, and capris. 


Redskins are a mess guys. Your signature win is a .500 team who backed into the playoffs for about 3 hours. 

Big baby is going to be crying for flags all day. Which by the way...I read these boards,  you're a bunch of girls.  He's had maybe two questionable hits all season but you guys riot everytime he gets touched.  It's like his spoiled diva mentality has been adopted by this board. 

Matt ryan takes a hit, and gets right back up, he don't care,  he came to play football not look pretty. Ryan is a man's man. He don't care,  get bent in half,  don't care.  poo pants, don't care.  You got rupaul who's more worried about dance moves and how good hes going to look in his mom's clothes.


a few good points there, I'll give them that 

i don't take this game lightly and they did home SanDee and the skins to less than 20 or whatever, but we are a different beast and their secondary is definitely going to have a lot of work to do. 

I definitely will refer to Cam as Rupaul from now on with his lady's glasses, scarves, church grandma hats and Capris with boat shoes. He's definitely an odd cry baby of a sore loser. 


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48 minutes ago, likeriver said:

I don't know what makes division rivals hate the Falcons so much but I feel honored to be that team that pisses all of them off

New Orleans a long history from the NFC West days. Carolina, Charlotte has a bit of that little brother city syndrome compared to Atlanta. Tampa Bay, I don't know if they hate the Falcons the most in the division.

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5 hours ago, EVIL Dan Quinn said:

whatever happened to SyCoLA...such a great, legendary, handsome, generous, courageous poster..man I miss that guy. 

but on this subject, I spotted Cam Newton's momma on another board

Screenshot (133).png

after readin that, I'm kinda wonderin if cam's momma and Emmitt are somewhat related



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4 minutes ago, atl falcon 89 said:

You guys just aren't fashion forward enough to understand why a grown man would drop 12k on a fluffy tail accessory  for his wardrobe :ninja:

I think he tries really hard to have his own unique style that will become trendy.. but he ends up looking like a villain from the batman comics 

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