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Look Out For Greenbay


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5 minutes ago, Yo_Lover said:

I'm more worried about the Giants.


3 minutes ago, falcndave said:

I'm more worried about Tampa. They about to lay it on the C'boys.  Giants can still win that division. Then we may have to beat the Bucs or Cowboys just to get to the Giants. 


2 minutes ago, ZoneOne01 said:

Both New York and Green Bay worry me.

I'm worried about Atlanta screw those other teams.

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19 minutes ago, rudy said:

Detroit loss. Greenbay won today. Grenbay is getting healthier and could be our 1st round match up.


I know there's still 2 more games to go but even with all of their injuries, we barely beat them earlier this year.

Media hyped Green Bay nearly lost to a bad bears team with 3rd string QB today.

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 If GB makes the playoffs, they are going to win the North. It is unlikely for them to get a WC because they would have to win out most likely, which would give them the division.

If we win the division, which I expect, we can't play another division winner in Rd 1.

There are ways they can get the WC but I imagine Wash and Tampa would need to lose 2 of 3. Possible.

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