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PFF Best of Wk 14


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5. Andy Levitre, G, Atlanta Falcons

If there’s one thing the Rams have going for them – and it really is only one – it’s that their defensive line is one of the best in the game. This week they were pretty much shut down by the Falcons scheme and the work of their offensive line. LG Andy Levitre was the best performer of the group, keeping a clean sheet when it comes to pass protection across 34 snaps, and run-blocking well. Levitre also didn’t get flagged in the blowout victory, and had his best game for the better part of a year.

6. Vic Beasley, Edge, Atlanta Falcons

Beasley’s sack-to-pressure ratio this season is ludicrous. League-wide this season edge rushers convert pressure into sacks about 15 percent of the time, while Beasley has converted pressure into a sack 28.6 percent of the time. Against the Rams he had six total pressures, but three of them were sacks, and one was the perfect pass-rushing trifecta of a sack, forced fumble and recovery for a touchdown. This year there have been few pass-rushers to make as many impact plays as Beasley.

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1 hour ago, bossFALCON™ said:

Ever since Beasley moved over to the offensive right side (over RT) he's been a lot more productive. 

This should make it easier to find a compliment to him though, as most elite rushers play from the opposite side.

Since LTs watch the blind side they are usually quicker and better than RTs. I think Richard smith put Von Miller over the RT to help make him more productive and take advantage of his speed and agility vs slower RTs that are usually better in run blocking than pass blocking. 

I've seen Mack on both sides. 

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Remember that journalist that just completely dogged Shanny for getting Levitre last year? I mean, he basically said the Falcons must have lost their minds. (Admittedly, I didn't know yet if he was right ... but I think we all do now in hindsight).

Aha, I found it. An unnamed NFL exec called it "beyond desperate." 


It seems the need to protect franchise quarterback Matt Ryan may have pushed the Atlanta Falcons to do a bad deal. The Andy Levitre trade, consummated by the Falcons and new head coach Dan Quinn with the Tennessee Titans on Friday, apparently isn't viewed particularly favorably around the league. An unnamed NFL executive, speaking to Jason La Canfora of CBS Sports, panned the trade, indicating his disbelief that the Falcons actually traded for Levitre, taking on his exorbitant $6.5 million salary and installing him immediately at one of their starting guard spots.

"I really still can't believe it," the executive told La Canfora. "They must be beyond desperate."

from: http://www.hngn.com/articles/127001/20150907/atlanta-falcons-rumors-andy-levitre-trade-panned-falcons-beyond-desperate-per-nfl-exec.htm

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