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I also have to say about this Fire and Fury book...even if every single thing written in the book is false (and there’s plenty of reasons to think it’s not), Trump seems to be confirming the overarching theme of the book about his temperament and obsessiveness with his reactions to it.  

Put simply, Trump’s behavior in reaction to the book fits perfectly with what was written in that book.

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12 hours ago, HolyMoses said:

 I have a splitting headache so this is likely to be less coherent than even most of my posts.  But I must do my duty as a long-suffering fan. 

 Levitra is out.     Freeman is banged up. Jones is banged up. 

 The Falcons will continue their tradition of losing to playoff teams who have departed St. Louis. 

 The season ends tonight and I can only imagine my headache will get worse. 

You're welcome!!!!



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12 minutes ago, AF89 said:


Complaining that the Falcons wouldn't share the ball is a new one :lol:



Those dang Falcons and their cutting edge strategy of ball control and time of possession.

New fangled so and sos.

Why I oughta.....


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