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Saving for posterity...just sayin'

Besides some of the negatives (like some dumb tweets) I'm getting what I voted for.  I wanted an outsider who was willing to change the old status quo Washington and (GOP) and take care of the nasty,

That's your fall back, I should've just posted that for you to save you some time.  

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10 minutes ago, WhenFalconsWin said:

I agree we all made fun of it.  Make fun of Trump about it if you want, the scm/fake media and many on here make fun of his every move.  I've made my displeasure's about Trump on a weekly basis, I just don't do it every time he farts/burps is all.  

Saying Iran conducted a missile test when they didn't is pretty embarrassing...under a normal presidency it would have been a big story but the bars been lowered so far so fast.....meh.

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6 minutes ago, Andrews_31 said:



1 minute ago, Jpowers said:

What the ****?

Kushner registered in New York as a female voter

By Megan R. Wilson - 09/27/17 10:51 AM EDT 597

Presidential son-in-law and senior adviser Jared Kushner is registered as a female voter in New York, according to public records.

Registration records show that when Kushner, who is married to first daughter Ivanka Ivanka, registered to vote in 2009, he apparently checked a box classifying his gender as a female.

Democratic opposition research group American Bridge first spotted the error, which Wired then reported first.

"Kushner can't even fill out the most basic paperwork without screwing it up, so it's a mystery why anyone thinks he's somehow going to bring peace to the Middle East," Brad Bainum, a spokesperson for the group, told Wired about the mistake. "Would anyone but the president's son-in-law still have a West Wing job after repeated disclosure errors and a botched a security clearance form?"

Kushner, who has a vast portfolio of issues at the White House, has had to amend his federal security clearance forms multiple times to include meetings with foreign contacts.

He told congressional investigators that the mistakes have been due to a “miscommunication” with his assistant. 

Prior to 2009, his New Jersey voter registration noted his gender as “unknown.”


Kushner's daddy had to pay for him to get in to Harvard. 

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10 minutes ago, AF89 said:

The vast majority of males in my family have kept a full head of hair onto their death beds (if maybe a little thinning of its thickness past 50)

But if I ever start to go bald I'm going the full Dan Quinn/Brad Guzan route 

My ears are way too **** big to do that....34 and my hairline hasn't moved but a touch if at all. 

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