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Saving for posterity...just sayin'

Besides some of the negatives (like some dumb tweets) I'm getting what I voted for.  I wanted an outsider who was willing to change the old status quo Washington and (GOP) and take care of the nasty,

That's your fall back, I should've just posted that for you to save you some time.  

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1 minute ago, achilles return said:

i turned the tv off immediately after the catch and didn’t see the called get overturned.

After 2016 and the SuperBowl... Anything can happen. But I was pretty sickened that the NFL producers would not adequately replay the final play. They basically immediately cut to "Falcons Lose, Lions Win" Shots such as the sidelines etc. Really pissed me off with their agenda to "roll over mistakes" instead of highlighting the final play.

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21 minutes ago, Serge said:

That's okay, sentiments from you are only that. You'll forget about this just like you forgot about the last thing, whatever it was. 

I'm offended! And just to prove how serious I am I'm gonna make this commitment!!!

Wait was I talking about...? :huh:

Is that Antonio Bandares from the movies?

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