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The Trump Presidency


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Falcon fan/ Trump supporters, quick question. Will you take some small amount of exception to Trump's words if the Falcons come out unfocused today? I'm not asking about the players or coaches but rather the callous and purposeless words put out by our POTUS that were 100% politically self serving and unneeded.:huh:

Jay Glazer reported that many falcons players unique in the NFL were so pissed they had to meet up twice to discuss thier response. Are you going to criticize the POTUS if he just sacrificed our momentum and team unity to the alter of his momentary whims?

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8 minutes ago, mdrake34 said:


I wonder how many confederates desecrated the American flag? 

I wonder when the Union fife and drum played the Star Spangled Banner before the battle of Antietam, how many southerners put their hand to their hearts in solem respect of a nation they're effectively committing treason from.

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Fun unrelated fact for our lawyer friends, Francis Scott Key's son had an very public affair with future Ghettysburg Union general Dan Sickles's wife, and Sickles promptly murdered the sh*t out of him. The resulting trial was the first successful defense of temporary insanity in US history 

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1 hour ago, dirtyhairy said:

Moses, I don't condone Trump disparaging McCain about being captured. That was wrong. Presidents say a lot of wrong things, do wrong things, but McCain was visciously attacking Trump and Trump fights like a kid from the Bronx. People say things outlandish all the time, and Barack Obama said and did harmful things to the country, including lying about obamacare, dividing the country through race and illegal aliens, and because you backed him, you are a liberal, you condoned it, so DON'T give me your higher then thee sermon about morality. You applauded Obama's Iranian nuclear deal, which you know will end up Killing people in huge numbers. 

So, to be clear. Trump doesn't do or say everything according to my code or anyone else. But I **** sure applaud the calling out of millionaires who are protesting the flag and our antheim and the League is losing big time.

Here's what I hope Mr. Blank said to the ENTIRE TEAM. 

Gentleman, we are privledged to play this sport, to earn our livings and live in the greatest country man has ever designed. We are privledged to be able to represent our country, our respective cities, our families and our God by being the best at what we do. Being the best started for you men a long time ago. You, I have all been through much turmoil, doors, lessons to get where we are at this moment in time.

Respect our nation. Respect our flag and honor all those who have bleed and died to see you men play this game called Football. We will proudly stand and honor our flag today, this year, and for ever. Its the symbol of all free men now and in the future, and we, WE are bigger, better then the divisive rhetoric that swirls around us.

Now lets go win the dam game and then the Superbowl.



1 hour ago, Psychic Gibbon said:

Conservative fan fiction is always hilariously sad.


41 minutes ago, toadfishtom said:




9 minutes ago, mdrake34 said:

I missed it, what happened? 

  So my five bucks is safe? 

 And I'm at my kid's freaking ultimate frisbee game so I would appreciate if somebody can fill me in on what happened during the national anthem.

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