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The Trump Presidency


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Just now, Darth Falcon said:

White privilege oh no lol. Snowflake alert

 Yes. Call me a snowflake. Please  

 But, first have the DIGNITY to answer my question about "the talk"

 And, please God,  tell me what you call the status of white people that don't have to have a "the talk". 

 If you can answer those questions, then call me all the names you want, mock me. Mock them. I don't care. I will deserve it. But if you don't answer those questions you  are a pathetic, cowardice, ignorant, racist piece of trash. 

I hope you prove yourself otherwise.

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7 minutes ago, Darth Falcon said:

What are you talking about. I am white and my parents gave me a talk about not smarting off and messing with the police, don't make sudden movements as well. That's not a black only thing. 

 Right. White parents have a talk with their kids, and it's about staying out of jail. 

 Nlack parents have THE talk with their kids, and it's about staying alive. 

 But, that's not how you see things. That's fine. 


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4 minutes ago, Darth Falcon said:



Guilty parties on both sides. Wasnt that code for Trump to white supremacists. If so it's also code for Racist Blm

Please don't go full snake

Literally the 3rd paragraph in your provided link

"Obama sharply condemned the rioters for damaging private property and taking items from local stores: "They’re not protesting. They’re not making a statement. They’re stealing.""

Yeah that's some pretty tacit support of a riot right there <_<

(And it's still stronger than Trump condemning honest to God neo nazis funny enough)

Do you perhaps have a better link to Obama supporting riots?

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1 minute ago, Darth Falcon said:

But he also directed his criticism toward Americans--including the news media and some politicians--for failing to address the chronic problems of men, women and children who live in poverty and find their opportunities limited because of poor schools or long stints in prison.


it's both sides. It's not their fault they are burning, looting, and attacking people. It's Americas fault

Holy **** how is that anything like supporting riots?

I think my friend you may have caught yourself in a little revisionist history in this particular case

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