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What is the Dumbest Thing You Will Admit to Doing?

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Aside from posting on this Message Board over approaching 10,000 times . . .

During my golf game Sunday, Mrs. HolyMoses texted me that I needed to clean the gutters Sunday afternoon (even though the Falcons were playing.)  We have a non connected garage which requires a ladder.  Since our extension ladder did not survive our six moves over the last few years, I needed to use the ladder that our contractor had laying around, so time was of the essence because I was not sure how long the contractors would be leaving their ladder around.  So right after the game, I dutifully cleaned the gutters on the garage. I figured I would get to the rest of the house . . . later

Yesterday afternoon, Mrs. HolyMoses reminded me that it is going to storm like crazy and I needed to finish the gutters.  Unfortunately, I can't get home until dark.  So, at 6:15, with the wind howling and leaf blower in tow, I head up to the roof of our two story home with ledges easily 30 feet above pavement in places.  It seemed like a better idea than dealing with rain soaked guck next weekend.  But I certainly could see the "Darwin Award" headline if something had gone wrong.  I really should get a chimney harness . . . .

Glad I lived to post this.

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3 minutes ago, lostone said:

Drank a 5th of everclear in one sitting.  Almost died bros :(

12 hours of dry heave and pass out 

Oh, man, if we're going to include substance abuse, I might have to revise my answer.

Though it might bolster my claim somewhat that I was sober when I voted for Dubya.

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Got really drunk one Night at a concert in NYC and decided to be responsible and not drive home, so  I jumped in the car, laid down in the back seast and took a nap.



Only Problem... I got in the wrong car.. Woke up in some random dude's driveway in Connecticut (And the ******* wouldn't even drive me to the train station.. told me he wasn't giving a stranger a ride.. I said you did last night *******, that's how I got here )  and had to find my way back to the city Then find where my car was and drive back to NJ

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