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Tevin Coleman — “I’m feeling 100 percent”


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Falcons’ running back Tevin Coleman was a participant at Monday’s practice and said couldn’t feel any better.

“It’s nice to be back out there,” Coleman said. “I’m feeling 100 percent, so I’m feeling really good.”

Although Coleman hasn’t participated in practice since suffering a hamstring injury against the San Diego Chargers on Nov. 23, he was involved in the game plan with running backs Devonta Freeman and Terron Ward for all three games he missed.

“Those guys, my boys, they’re both my homies, so I’m going to say 100 percent of the time they did really well while I was gone and I’m just ready to be back with them,” Coleman said. “I’m feeling really good about this weekend. My team is been rolling. They’ve been missing me so I’m just glad to be back with my team and getting it rolling back again.”

Coleman, in his second season with the Falcons, accumulated 234 rushing yards on 59 carries, averaged 17.4 yards per catch for 330 receiving yards and six total touchdowns.


After reflection over the bye week as running backs, Coleman said the running game can improve in all aspects.

“As a player, you always can improve in all things and we just need to continue in working on the plays, working on our routes and things like that,” Coleman said.

Ahead of Sunday’s game against the Arizona Cardinals, the Falcons average 107.6 rushing yards per game — 14th in the NFL. In 2015, the Falcons averaged 100.7 rushing yards per game.


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1 hour ago, BCEagleATLFalcon said:

You know, in some ways, maybe a blessing in disguise??

Not a bad thing to have a talented and explosive running back who's had a little more rest than most at this point in the season ...

it would be funny if he takes his first run from scrimmage to the house.

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4 hours ago, ChickenBiscuit said:

We're gonna beat the brakes off of Arizona, I can feel it.

I know it's a must-win for them, but Carson isn't exactly clutch under pressure. I think we end their playoff hopes this week.

I felt the same way about the Eagles. We'll see. 

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8 hours ago, HMFIC said:

Beat the brakes off....doesn't that mean Cards will be running wild and impossible to stop ?  C'mon man !  You can find a better expression than that !

When has something positive ever been the result of someone's brakes being cut off lmao. You know what stops a car without brakes? A brick wall :bang:

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On 11/21/2016 at 7:50 PM, DelawareFalcFan said:

November 23rd, only two more days to go until his injury

Looks like somebody is serving as mentor to the new writer over at the AJC. Nice to have senior journalists to influence the next generation to help them realize their dreams.


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