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So who is voting for Trump?!!!!

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On 9/23/2017 at 8:04 PM, JD&JW44 said:

Your analogy is apt but flawed. The assumption is the coach with experience was competent. Hillary was just as divisive and in many ways more crooked and shady than Trump. I'm not going to list them all, I'm tired of this subject. Neither are ideal, there were just several things about Hillary I would never get behind. Trump does say stupid things, his actions are generally better but covers it with his arrogant facade.

I did not vote, but I would say that many I know voted for Trump, simply because he wasn't Hillary. That's how much she was hated by the silent majority. Keep in mind, 85% of the precincts voted against her nationwide. 

The point is that the experienced coach would actually know what was going on....know the rules...understand the game...know what 4-3 even means.


  Trump doesn't know other countries...he doesn't know or understand our laws...doesn't even seem to care to learn them.     


I didn't like Hillary very much, but my god...she certainly would have been far more competent. 


And Hillary got more votes...period.    Precincts are not people...citizens. 

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7 hours ago, knomercy said:

11 months later & Trump is the raging dumpster fire anyone with common sense knew he would be.



It's weird to hear some of these people just now realizing this.   Rex Ryan just now realized that Trump was an *******...only after Trump attacked the NFL?


He was blinded to the fact that Trump was an uninformed bully before that somehow.



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