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2nd Half Season Adjustments - Fans Perspective


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Great FIRST half of the season - NEVER ever expected our team would do soo fantastic to get BIG wins on road & still have lead in our division. Really proud of our #brotherhood

That said, putting on the micro lens on our shortcomings / weakness which our team really  needs to address in my opinon

1) Too many Pre Snap Penalties - Mental Errors 

2) Keep Explosive plays to minimal or none ( Pass Defense - Collins HAS to start over Alford to compliment Trufant ) 

3) Red Zone Defense - Absolutely Horrendous - Limit Opponents to FG instead of giving easy TD

4) Special Teams Unit in coverage HAS to get more smarter & effective. 

5) Defense needs to overall get more aggressive in coverage preventing passer from extending plays.   

 Your thoughts / comments ?


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I agree with you on everything. Mental errors blocking down field too soon,and a couple false starts and that's really it for that. Explosive play are usually when the QB has the ball in the pocket way too long and extends the play and a WR/TE finds a way to get open so it's really a D Line sort of thing which the only really big play that I've seen that have been coverage problems was Mike Evans TD and from GB the blown man coverage on Neal/Allen to Jordy Nelson and almost the same exact play in the Chargers game but instead is was Campbell/Allen that time. I've thought the Special Teams play has been great on coverage but Weems making us start in the 10 yard line is kinda bad when he has mistakes.The GB return was the longest on the season and it was more than our entire Special Teams coverage from every team we've played combined.

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