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Falcons vs Packers Preview: Score Predictions?

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I'll go with 31-27 Atlanta. Green Bay basically has a middle of the pack offense this year that basically scored inline with the opposing teams PPG within a few points. Green Bay has only played one defense ranked outside of the Top 20 and they put up 34 points in that game with Rodgers throwing 4 TDs in the first half. I think some on this thread might be overstating how bad Green Bay's offense and Aaron Rodgers have been this year. When its all said and done, at this point in the season, Aaron Rodgers has 3 fewer TDs and the same amount of INTs has Matt Ryan. Why he is taking a beating is because he is not performing near the standard he has set for himself which is almost superhuman. Statistically though, he hasn't been a below average QB.

So the matchup is basically an average offense against below average defense when the Packers have the ball and an elite offense against an above average defense when the Falcons have the ball. Green Bay is the 7th ranked defense and has one of the better pass rushes in the NFL. They are banged up in the secondary but they do get pressure on opposing QBs. I give a slight lean to Atlanta by about 3-4 points but this matchup isn't as lobsided as some would suggest. You better believe that Green Bay is capable of putting up 27-30+ points against a defense giving up 28.4 PPG. The way Green Bay has been playing with short passes replacing the running game will shorten the game limiting Atlanta's ability to put up a lot of points.

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