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The progress of this team in 2nd year under Dan Quinn


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Bit of love for DQ as we approach the mid point of his 2nd year in charge of the team i'll post a throwback to the starters in the last game of Mike Smith's era:


WR 84 -  Roddy Whiteicon-article-link.gif     Sanu
LT 70 -  Jake Matthewsicon-article-link.gif   Matthews
LG 63 -  Justin Blalockicon-article-link.gif    Levitre
C 62 -  James Stoneicon-article-link.gif        Mack
RG 75 -  Jon Asamoahicon-article-link.gif   Chester
RT 73 -  Ryan Schraedericon-article-link.gif  Schraeder
TE 80 -  Levine Toiloloicon-article-link.gif     Tamme
WR 11 -  Julio Jonesicon-article-link.gif        Jones
QB 2 -  Matt Ryanicon-article-link.gif             Ryan
RB 32 -  Jacquizz Rodgersicon-article-link.gif   Freeman
FB 42 -  Patrick DiMarcoicon-article-link.gif  DiMarco

DE 71 -  Kroy Biermannicon-article-link.gif   Freeney
DT 99 -  Tyson Jacksonicon-article-link.gif   Clayborn
DT 96 -  Paul Soliaiicon-article-link.gif          Shelby
DE 95 -  Jonathan Babineauxicon-article-link.gif  Beasley Jnr
LB 55 -  Paul Worrilowicon-article-link.gif    Jones
LB 59 -  Joplo Bartuicon-article-link.gif        Campbell
CB 27 -  Robert McClainicon-article-link.gif Alford
CB 26 -  Josh Wilsonicon-article-link.gif       Poole
S 36 -  Kemal Ishmaelicon-article-link.gif     Neal
S 20 -  Dwight Loweryicon-article-link.gif    Allen
CB 21 -  Desmond Trufanticon-article-link.gif Trufant

The defense was listed as Nickel so I have done the same, we have 1 starter from that time on defense (albeit Alford was on IR), and it was only the season before last!

It really is amazing what he's done with this team in just 2 offseasons. We are notably faster, younger and better on both sides of the ball. 

It's so impressive, I love where this team is heading and most importantly I love our head coach.

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9 hours ago, realhomie81 said:

I agree and he's far from finished. I'm sure at the end of this season there are at least 4 to 5 players that won't be on this roster next season. IMO the positions we really need to focus on this coming offseason are DE, DT, FS, OG, & CB.

Absolutely, I would add WR to that list as well, although our group this year is definitely an improvement 

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14 hours ago, TRUUUU said:

Absolutely, I would add WR to that list as well, although our group this year is definitely an improvement 

Yeah our WR group has looked good this year thus far. Also remember Fuller is injured so he could be factor next season also but it won't hurt to bring in some more WRs for some healthy competition.

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