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will tweet film notes on #Falcons O vs. #Broncos D for next little bit.
Against #Broncos the #Falcons were very “base” driven. Toilolo and Tamme both played 44+ snaps, DiMarco 27. No. 3 WR Gabriel just 14.
#Broncos Film: 2 things defined #Falcons 1st drive: inverted formations (WR’s inside, TE/RB outside) and pick route combinations. Successful
#Falcons #Broncos Film: Coleman 48 yd catch was motion to slot empty with terrific natural rub from LOS TE Hooper to beat LB's man coverage.
#Broncos #Falcons Film: Talib two superb PDs early vs. Jones in-breaker concepts (including a rub element one).
Film: #Broncos conceded FG to #Falcons on 3rd-18, ball at 41-yd-line, playing loose Cover 4. Mile High, yes, but still: 58-yd FG if no gain.
RE: previous tweet, it resulted in a Freeman 13-yd dumpoff for 46-yd FG attempt.
#Broncos Film: #Falcons emphasis on base personnel eliminated Von Miller from pass rush equation. AS 4-3 SLB he often had coverage.
Film: Just like last week, T.J. Ward got snaps as inside slot man defender vs. WRs out of #Broncos “2 man” coverage.
#Falcons #Broncos Film: to open 4th series Jones from tight base slot beat Harris on deep post but ball was just barely overthrown.
#Broncos Film: Harris on next-play had a sideline PD vs. WR Robinson out of solo man-free coverage. An interception would have gone house.
#Falcons #Broncos Film: Jones on deep-sail vs. Harris got a step but Harris had disrupted timing early in route. Jones arrived short of ball
#Broncos #Falcons Film: Von Miller destroyed Toilolo in-line blocking handful of times.
Film: #Falcons significant snaps of “13” personnel. Decent schematic diversity out of this, more in play designs than formations.
Film: Coleman+Freeman gave #Falcons run game sustainability. Consistent positive gains. Critical for maintaining base personnel approach.
#Falcons #Broncos Film: RT Schraeder had some trouble in protection when forced to move feet against likes of Miller, Barrett.
#Falcons Film: LT Matthews looked very good in pass pro. Athletic through balance and leverage. Made hand usage more controlled.
#Broncos Film: on Coleman long TD catch vs. LB Marshall, FB DiMarco aligned out wide. #Falcons influencing geometry/matchups via formation.
#Falcons Film: FB DiMarco split out wide on a number of snaps, not just the Coleman long TD catch.
#Falcons #Broncos Film: Coleman 49 yds was another motion to spread empty slot (this time weak side). Easily burned LB Todd Davis.
#Falcons Film: Ryan threw with accuracy all over the field. And more often than you might guess, he was working out of a collapsing pocket.
#Broncos Film: #Falcons D was sound in its predominant Cover 3 over first several drives.
#Falcons #Broncos Film: Trufant matched to Sanders, Alford to Thomas. (Many would have guessed Trufant to be on Thomas.)
Film: #Falcons nickel DL is Freeney and Beasley outside, Clayborn and Shelby inside. At times you’ll see them move Beasley and Shelby around
Film: #Broncos did not have to cater offense much to Lynch. Their system is inherently QB-friendly.
#Falcons #Broncos Film: Beasley’s first two sacks were both speed/dip rushes around squatty RT Sambrailo.
#Broncos #Falcons Film: Sanders 26 yds X-iso post/slot crosser combo (Cover 3 beater). Lynch did not throw it well but processed the concept
#Falcons #Broncos Film: Allen INT was Lynch rookie mistake. FS Allen was on hash to side of Thomas’s deep post. That’s checkdown indicator.
#Broncos #Falcons Film: Beasley 3rd sack (and 2nd FF) bad play call – 7-step drop on scat protection (5 man) with your rookie QB coming off an INT and your RT struggling all day.
#Broncos Film: Kubiak has a tendency: when young QB is starting a drive under mental pressure, he’ll put him in a seven-step drop.
Film: #Falcons entire pass rush was much livelier. Saw flashes of speed and power from multiple sources
#Falcons Film: Neal flashed in coverage. Good sense for spacing and timing. Man and especially high-hole Cover 3.
#Broncos Film: Lynch was not sharp throwing the ball. Location off too many times (duress factored – welcome to the NFL).
#Broncos Film: Sambrailo will likely have to move to guard if he’s to have chance at a long NFL career.
#Falcons Film: Grady Jarrett stood out – zone run D and also activity vs. pass (including a screen pass IDing).
Film: #Falcons like to spy semi-mobile QBs on 3rd-long when they’re in “2 man.” Beasley did that vs. Lynch at one point.
#Broncos Film: Lynch wasn't horrendous reading field, but inconsistent transitioning off of covered initial reads. Not uncommon w/ young QB.
#Broncos Film: most of #Falcons 6 sacks were about DL beating OL (Beasley vs. Sambrailo especially), not about Lynch holding ball. 
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59 minutes ago, RandomFan said:
 #Broncos Film: most of #Falcons 6 sacks were about DL beating OL (Beasley vs. Sambrailo especially), not about Lynch holding ball. 

A lot of their fans kept insisting the sacks weren't necessarily on the skill of the d-line. It was because Lynch held the ball too long.

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The fact that we can not only split out our RBs wide but also our FB without losing a skillset of their primary job is absolutely amazing talent scouting.

DiMarco is a great fb at blocking but can also cause mismatches and alignment problems out wide.

Same with Coleman

Same with Freeman

That's absolutely amazing and vital. It's also great that we have an OC in Shanahan that knows how to use that talent as well.

That versatility is basically unstoppable.

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56 minutes ago, falconidae said:

Looking forward to seeing what they have in place for the seahawks. Love to see Wilson under duress all day, Campbell on Graham, See the Falcon DLine control the LOS again.

99% of the time it will be Neal on Graham. That's his role and what he's here for.

Alignment by the Seahawks may force it otherwise but the plan is for Neal to cover him for the most part.

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On 10/8/2016 at 9:57 AM, vel said:

I know what they play... less than 50% of the time. 

Over 50% of their snaps are in nickel. Over 50% of the time, Ray and Miller have their hand in the dirt. LB is just a moniker. Those guys are pass rushing DEs over 50% of the time. The 4-3/3-4 base thing is outdated. When you gameplan for Miller, you aren't worried about anything other than his snaps when he's lined up at DE. I would be happy if they treated him like a true off ball LB and let him drop into coverage a ton Sunday. Please!

This was from the "How do we attack Denver's man to man coverage?" thread. Somehow, Kyle got Von to drop into coverage more than most teams do. Funny when I said this, @Joremarid brought up Von's INT like that proved he was good in coverage. Get Von into coverage and you bought yourself precious time. Von's job is to make Ryan uncomfortable and he didn't have as many opportunities as normal. 

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7 minutes ago, Joremarid said:

The point of that was that milller isnt just a de. They don't rely on him solely rushing the passer, they have a ton of guys for that. 

And when he does, he's not impacting the game the way he is paid. Von Miller in coverage is the cable Von Miller. Von Miller rushing the passer is DirecTV Von Miller. If Matt Ryan couldn't beat Miller in coverage, we'd have had problems. 

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21 minutes ago, vel said:

And when he does, he's not impacting the game the way he is paid. Von Miller in coverage is the cable Von Miller. Von Miller rushing the passer is DirecTV Von Miller. If Matt Ryan couldn't beat Miller in coverage, we'd have had problems. 

I've had DirecTV, Xfinity, Uverse, and have had my issues with all of them. So is DirecTV Von Miller good, while cable Von Miller is not as good? Does DirectTV Von Miller, go out in a bad storm or if trees are blocking the signal? Was it cable Von Miller that signed the massive contract, and could Denver of gotten a better rate/contract (for a limited time) had they signed DirecTV Von Miller? These are the real questions.

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38 minutes ago, Joremarid said:

Well the linebacker that matt ryan beat in coverage all the time was marshall, not miller, so im really not sure what your point is in calling me out about something you are wrong about 3 days later.


11 minutes ago, Joremarid said:

Yall were passing off misinformation as if y'all knew what you were talking about. I tried to correct and you use a horrible example to act like you knew what you were talking about.


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1 hour ago, ATLFalcons11 said:

Neal's role is better suited for it and Campbell has a better skillset for guarding RBs out of the backfield.

Campbell is at WLB instead of MLB specifically because that puts him in a position to most often be matched up with the TE instead of the RB, which is why Debo is at MLB for the RB matchup. Campbell most definitely does not have a better skillset for covering RB's than TE's. His length and solid speed to cover TE's are pretty much the reason he was drafted.

Depending on the offensive alignment, if could be either Neal or Campbell on the TE most often.

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