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Matt Ryan pokes fun at himself after failed-block tumble

Goober Pyle

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NEW ORLEANS -- Matt Ryan's teammates are sure to give him a hard time about it all week. One of them already did.

Defensive lineman Derrick Shelby playfully nudged Ryan on Twitter after the Atlanta Falcons quarterback had a comical tumble while opting not to block 6-foot-4, 308-pound New Orleans Saints nose tackle Nick Fairley on a Devonta Freeman cutback run Monday night.

Matt Ryan's wife, Sarah, got in a shot via Twitter, too:

Even Ryan had to poke fun at himself.

"That was bad," Ryan said with a laugh. "Free did such a good job. I didn't really anticipate the ball coming back that way. And when he did, I just kind of wanted to get in the way and make sure he could outrun him. And I caught an edge on my cleat and fell. It probably ended up for the best because [Fairley] was kind of eyeing on me pretty good. He would have hit me pretty good. Not my finest moment, but a good play for us nonetheless."

Freeman picked up 16 yards on the late fourth-quarter run, then followed with a 48-yard dash on the very next play. The Falcons (2-1) won the game over their division rival, 45-32, to take over first place in the NFC South.


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