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#17 Arkansas vs. #10 Texas A&M

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20 minutes ago, ChildsPlease85 said:

The game was close until about midway in the third.  Arkansas drove from their own 5 to about 4 yards outside of the Aggies end zone, failed to punch it in on fourth down.  The next play Trevor knight throws a 99 yard TD pass and that was it.

Yep that was the turning point. It just completely swung in A&M's direction with that.

I was really surprised to see A&M make the defensive stands they did so consistently down there.

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2 minutes ago, SacFalcFan said:

  the bama/auburn game will be interesting.. if gus can get your offense worked out auburn will be a very tough out.  

Well there was improvement in the offense last night. Gus handed play calling duties to Rhett. The offense moved the ball between the 20s but once we got in the red zone we couldn't do squat. There was more downfield passing last night and aside from 1 run from JF3 they let Sean White play the entire game. So there's signs of improvement even if they're only slight signs.

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I find the turnaround at these up tempo, high powered offense teams very interesting. aTm, Auburn, Ole Miss, Tenn have all recently brought in spread coaches who try to win by scoring 100 every week but all have strong established defenses this year. Throw Mizzou and Miss. St in there as well and you see that even these big time offensive minds are starting to recognize it takes a great defense to win championships.


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