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how many people think we'll win monday?

I Even Bleed Red

how many people think we'll win monday?   

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  1. 1. how many people think we'll win monday?

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If we pull this off I'll rethink some things lol.  I'm just prepared for a funky loss, but I expect a win. 


Their defense is severely depleted, Snead may not play and other than Alford getting burned or going dumb a few times, I expect us to score **** near every drive about like the Oakland game and Ryan playing another high completion percentage game. The outcome is almost all on the defense. They need to step it up and big. Brees either keeps up and last possession wins it or our defense comes to play. 

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Just now, MACK_AttACK said:

No, not going to win. It's out of our hands really. No big deal though, can't be let down when you know the match is fixed.

Ugh...I just can't anymore...

Have a great weekend non-paranoid fans!  To the paranoid fans, make sure you have your horseshoe in one pocket, rabbit's foot in the other, 4 leaf clover in your sock and may the easter bunny sing you to sleep so the tooth fairy can come and put Santa's presents for you under your pillow.  I hope that present is a leprechaun!

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