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Pep Rally Material-Vintage Ryan on SoundFX


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15 minutes ago, blackredfellow said:

Man. Looking back at the command and confidence he had. No doubt he was elite back then. Still great, but definitely not as confident. Maybe he's finally getting his groove back. 

I hope so. I hope we aren't reading too much into this last game.

But if he can get comfortable w/Shanny, then I can put up with him, too.

(But I still dislike his father because Reeves did)

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38 minutes ago, BCEagleATLFalcon said:

"They do NOT get it back."

Love that whole segment. 

Please let these first two games be indicative of what's ahead.

When Ryan's like this, he's da*n near unbeatable.

The way he was coaching up Tony G. and telling the OC it was time to throw it deep.  Good times! Yes, lots to like in that segment.

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That video is so good. It shows a side of Matt the fans don't always notice or see. Matt is a firey competitor. I think the disaster of 2013&2014,then losing his coach&OC, whole knew offense, and the hits all took a toll on him. He just needs to get comfortable, get his confidence & the support of the fans back. He's still a great QB, he's just been in a funk. It will take time, some ups&down, but he is getting there i think.

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