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The Good, The Bad & The Ugly - Week 2


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I liked the last thread for G,B,U so figured I would make one for Week 2.

The Good - The offense finally kicked it into gear.  They marched the ball down field effortlessly, especially in the 2nd half with touchdown after touchdown.  Matt Ryan looks like he is gaining more and more confidence in the offense and is starting to look comfortable again.  It's also nice to see that we don't have to force feed Julio in order to win.  Big time contributions from the tight ends this week, Tamme, Hooper even Toilolo had big time catches and Sanu stepped up late with Julio out.  Also good, VERY good, pass pro!  I was expecting Mack and Irvin to dine on Matt Ryan all day long, and that was far from the case.  They were quiet, super quiet, and I absolutely loved it!  GREAT job by the o-line yesterday.

Also good, Devonta Freeman looked amazing yesterday.  He seemed to be cracking off 6-8 yard runs every time he touched the ball.  It's odd though that he was not targeted once in the passing game?  Also, it seems RBBC is more true than "ride the hot hand" because while TeCo was also doing well, Freeman was the hot hand yesterday and it seemed he would get going and then we would see TeCo.

The Bad - Ugh, 3rd down penalties.  Stupid penalties.  12 men on the field.  Pushing off on a pick that didn't need to happen.    Defensive holding.  They really need to clean up the flags.  I couldn't wait to see Mike Smith go, but I must admit...I miss the days when we had a disciplined team.  These flags are ridiculous.

The Ugly - Where the heck is the pass rush?!?!  It was completely non existent again yesterday, DQ and company need to figure out how to apply some pressure or this team will go nowhere.  With the offense clicking, we need the defense to step up and we have a real shot at the division.  Missed tackles.  Looks like this team is back to the Falcons of old who cannot wrap up and bring down a runner.  Although he hasn't played a regular season snap, it seems we really miss Neal.  And I love Spoon, but he is not a starting OLB.  We need Campbell back this week, he brings so much more to the table.

All in all, a solid win, on the road, against an up and coming AFC contender.  A lot of stuff to work on, but also a lot of stuff to build on.  On to the Saints, RISE THE EFF UP!

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