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Our TEs pulled in 45% of the total passing yardage and 38% of the completed passes. 




If my math is any good it looks like our TEs had 10 catches for 180 and 1 TD. Each of them had one catch of at least 16 yards. 

This was really nice to see. Ryan hit 9 different receivers in total.  He had a few games last year where hit hit 9 or so, but the spread wasn't as even as it was today. Completion distribution overall was 5,5,3,3,3,2,2,2,1.  That is about as even as I gets over 26 passes to 9 targets (well 8 targets, Hardy's one catch was targeted at Coleman who was one of the 2 catch guys).

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6 hours ago, Lord Sarcomere said:

This was definitely by design. I think Julio and Sanu being banged up had a lot to do with it.

Yes. I also think the fact the the LB's for the Raiders are really the only group you have to account for was a consideration. Put 3 TEs out there and they have more to do with their time than jump running plays and harass the QB.

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