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BREAKING NEWS ** Governor Nathan Deal issues stay of execution of Kyle Shanahan!

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1 minute ago, MilleniumFalcon said:

Since it's a divisional game, their defense usually plays better against the Falcons... hopefully more no huddle and can get Quinn's first win against the Aints as head coach.

Ice has had some of his biggest games against the,  But yeah, they do step up defensively especially late in the games against us.  

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50 minutes ago, paulitik said:

This is bullcrap. Nathan Deal would never issue a stay of execution. He touches himself to the idea of capital punishment. I think I saw him at Dragon Con dressed like the hangman wearing assless chaps.

That's funny right there. You can't laugh at that, you just need to go home. 

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I've been waiting for that game offensively for 17 games now. That's exactly what I thought Shanahan would bring to us when we signed him and I considered him to be a top 5 coordinator in the league. My faith was shaken of course but now Im sure of what I've known all along. If we can run the rock the offense can be the best in the league. But if we can't the whole thing looks broken

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