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Matt Ryan = Captain Fieldgoal


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Was good at it at one point. Shanahan had always been bottom of league in the RZ. So who's the problem? Ryan become ****? Shanahan? IDK but I'm tired of it. 


1 of 6 on the season. 

I was assured in another thread that it wasn't shanahan because he's never had the talent to work with. Are we lacking that O talent? 

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3 minutes ago, wartownfalcon said:

No play was called to go to the endzone. Please watch the game and OC play calling. 2 runs and a screen

yeah, that is because of Matt's history of suckdom inside the 10. No one has confidence in Matt inside the 10 - including Matt himself.


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13 minutes ago, g-dawg said:

Matt cannot get the ball in end zone if he is first and goal inside the 10.  Combo of Kyle Shanty zoneblocking and Matt's inability to create.


So did you see someone open? Or someone that could have been thrown open? I didn't! 

If anything a run play to the outside would have the Falcons up by at least 10 IMO.

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