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Falcons sack drought


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2 hours ago, maxatlanta said:

Espn ticker just showed a sad stat. The Falcons have gone 18 straight games with 2 or fewer sacks. The longest streak since the '01-'03 Cardinals. They went 35 games.

Sack!? Whats that? You meant the thing they need to grow? Maybe when they grow a sack theyll get one. 

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1 hour ago, RING OF HONOR said:

That's too depressing to hit the like button. ...so I'll just say D@MN..

Haha, I'll be aight. Meant to put a laughing emoticon with it, my bad.:P

1 hour ago, Knight of God said:

Lol, he's a kid...lol

Yup! 19! I have only felt a small percentage of the crap that life can throw at me.:lol:

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