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Gus Malzahn and Rhett Lashee are such dumb ****tards. Or offense has been ok tonight but that drive they decided to go back to the Clemson game plan and well that **** don't work!!

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26 minutes ago, SacFalcFan said:

wow big lead for a&m..  how in the heck is auburn's offense scoring just 10 points.. 

Because our coaches are ******* horrible!! I've never seen such uninspired playcalling. Such scared play calling. You saw that Falcons loss against the Giants where every play call on offense screamed "WE HAVE NO BELIEVE IN OUR OFFENSE SO WE'RE NOT EVEN GONNA CALL ANY DOWN FIELD PASSES." Well that's Auburn's offense right now. I'm embarrassed. I'm so embarrassed.

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Why John Franklin III may have re-opened Auburn's QB competition


AUBURN, Ala. — Fire up the quarterback wheel of fortune again.

Auburn will evaluate the position once again following a 29-16 loss to No. 17 Texas A&M.

Auburn (1-2, 0-1 SEC) needed a spark against the Aggies and found it by ripping starterSean White off the field with the Tigers trailing 22-10 in the fourth quarter. John Franklin III performed admirably in his first extended action of the season and led the Tigers to their best quarter of the game and to the red zone on two of three possessions.

Now the question is whether Franklin III did enough to supplant White as Auburn’s starter heading into a showdown with No. 20 LSU (2-1, 1-0) on Saturday. Auburn coachGus Malzahn certainly left the door open after the game.

“We felt like we needed a shot in the arm, so we gave John Franklin a shot and he did a good job moving the football,” Malzahn said. “We got the chains moving. We’ll talk about things next week, but that was just really what happened. I felt like we needed a shot in the arm.”

White was pulled after the offense piled up only 35 yards in the third quarter. The Tigers picked up 164 yards and were 3 for 5 on third-down conversions in the fourth quarter.

Auburn’s production decreased in every quarter White played, going from 5.7 yards per play to 4.1 yards before a dismal 1.7 yards in the third quarter. The offense averaged a game-high 6.1 yards per play with Franklin III leading the offense in the fourth quarter.

“I thought he did some good things,” Malzahn said. “He created some things in the passing game when they broke down. He made a couple of good throws, a couple of zone-read runs. He’s still learning the offense but I thought he gave us a spark.”

The dual-threat quarterback finished with nine runs for 47 yards and was 4 of 8 passing for 37 yards. He led the Tigers to their only touchdown after White led the Tigers on a score on their second possession of the game.

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Malzahn didn’t place the blame solely on White, who finished 18 of 27 passing for 126 yards.

“It wasn’t all Sean,” he said. “There were some stuff around him that wasn’t good. We had some drops. You all saw drops. So, it’s not that we just felt like, ‘Sean you’re not doing a good job.’ It was more of a let’s get John in there and see if we can get a spark. That was the thinking, so it wasn’t so negative for Sean. Sean did some good things.”

Still, the question throughout the week will be the “talk” Malzahn said will be had about the quarterbacks. What will the plans look like in the future?

“I’m fine with either one of those guys and I feel like the team is also fine with either one of those guys,” said Ryan Davis, who had five catches for 36 yards. “I feel like they both bring elements of passing and running. Obviously, John is a little faster, but I feel like both can run the offense effectively. I know [offensive coordinator Rhett] Lashlee and coach Malzahn know that as well. So we’re fine with either one and the team is behind both quarterbacks.”

It doesn’t appear — at least on the surface — any of Auburn’s offensive players care about who the quarterback is heading into the LSU game. The Tigers utilized a three-quarterback rotation in a 19-13 loss in the season opener against then-No. 2 Clemson before moving solely to White in a 51-14 victory against Arkansas State. The loss to Texas A&M (3-0, 1-0) and decision to move with Franklin III in the fourth quarter, however, prompts questions about the future.

“Sean gave us a spark, too,” said Tony Stevens, who had a career-high eight catches for 86 yards. “It doesn’t matter who’s in there. As long as we drive the ball successfully, I don’t care if Jeremy [Johnson] is back there as long we’re driving the ball.”

Franklin III was in the middle of the quarterback competition until White was named the starter Aug. 25. He exited the Clemson game as the backup, a role he has filled at three spots: Florida State, East Mississippi Community College and Auburn.

Now, Franklin III may get a shot at doing more for the Tigers.

John Franklin, he’s kept his head down,” offensive guard Alex Kozan said. “I’ve never seen him pout or anything. No bad attitude. He’s had a good attitude the entire time he’s been here. I’me excited he got an opportunity and he did some nice things.”

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