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The Bills canned their OC


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10 minutes ago, stlouisfalcon said:

They saw the writing on the wall and didn't want to see their season to go to crap. At least they care about winning. I don't get Mr. Blank, I just don't.

They have a defensive minded head coach, who hired his brother whose also a long time DC, and they gave up 38 points. Maybe they fired the wrong person.

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Hey, did y'all hear about Dan Quinn? Apparently it's a done deal that he will indeed be named our next head coach within a few days after the Super Bowl is played. Also, our hiring of Kyle Shanahan was done beforehand because it was a requirement of Quinn's to accept the job.

I don't know about you guys but I'm jacked. With Quinn running the defense, I can see us easily getting 19 - 20 sacks in just the first four or five games. And the combination of Matt and Shanahan working together should easily be at least 28 - 30 points a game. Oh man, we're going to kill people with the no huddle. Shanahan is going to love spreading the ball all over the field with Julio and Roddy. I wouldn't even be surprised if  the Shan-man's offense got Roddy 100 catches.

We may not win it all in Quinn's first season but I feel real good about our chances in 2016.

Dang. Arthur Blank got lucky. He'll be able to charge as much as he wants for PSLs.

Man, my hunger index is thru the roof.

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