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I don't know, please correct me if I'm wrong


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Just my philosophy as far as why and what makes a football team good. Just the overall make up too me should be stout up front on both sides of the ball and a QB that makes good decisions. Thats' it. To me everything else is add ons, tie breakers if you will.

Its like this 

1. Limit/create turnovers. This also includes limiting the hidden yards you may accumulate from penalties. To me this is number one, don't give up the easy plays (penalties), don't give the teams more opportunities on offense (turnovers). This is number one to me. Same thing for creating turnovers, give your team more opportunities to win the game.

2. be efficient on 3rd down. This also by itself creates a stronger red zone team, if you can convert 3rd downs efficiently, you can operate more efficiently in the red zone. You can string drives together, etc...  Same for defense, being efficient on 3 and outs are probably more important than creating turnovers.

3. Limit / Create explosive plays (the add on, or tie breaker). This is the tie breaker during the game. How many explosive plays did you create or give up.


Now in saying all of that, you can't get to number 3 and expect to win without first achieving 1 and 2. Basically, it's no point in drafting a running back high or having Julio out there if first you can't maintain a balanced offense. You win up front, both sides, make good decisions with the ball and that's the direction you take, anything else just pushes you over the hump. Just too get straight to the point 1 and 2 has pretty everything to do with how well you play along the line of scrimmage and your QB decision making. 3 has to do with your skill position players. 



I look at other teams who have won Super Bowls, near all of there high draft picks are at the line of scrimmage. Seems like my teams' philosophy is either backwards, (early Mike Smith days with TD), or they simply can't evaluate talent up front (late Mike Smith days with TD plus Quinn). If I'm wrong please correct me....


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I'm not correcting you as to whether you are wrong or not in your philosophy. I'm only sharing my philosophy that two cliche's are underated yet true about the game of football:

1.  "The game is won and lost at the line of scrimmage"

2.   "It's a game of inches"

Teams that have had a wall (figuratively speaking) as an offensive line or a defensive line are almost unbeatable. To have both at the same time, they can be dynasty's. The positions aren't glamorous, but they are second to no other position to me. Every other position is important, but not as equally important. I would draft for "walls" first, everything else later. Historically, I don't believe the Falcons do this, they scout and draft for ticket sales first.... the glam positions.

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