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Same oh Same oh


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The falcons have the same issues as last season. They are too conservative they don't attack the opponent on offense. No deep passing plays, no no hudles, or trick plays are used by the offensive coach. They are poor at tackling and seem to be push overs on tge field. I'm tired of their excuses we've  heard the same thing week after week in the past talk is CHEAP! Stupid penalties that always hurt at the worst moment and they can't score in the redzone. This is what took place last season the same oh same oh and I'm tired of it. All of my friends had bragging rights this pasts Sun but not me and I think it may be the same for a lot of wks to come. I just don't have confidence in them because I don't think they have confidence in themselves and the schedule isn'tgetting any easiier. I'm tired of them saying we're getting there we're going to straighten it out because it needs to be taken care of like yesterday.

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It's Wednesday.  You had two days to get this beotch/rant assignment in like the rest of the students...

And yet here you are on Wednesday as if time has stood still and school had been closed for two full days.

Now I have to drop you a letter grade and reprimand you in front of the entire class.

Were you attending an arm wrestling competition in Russia or something?

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