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Talk About The Falcons Music Video

Knight of God

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7 minutes ago, hjerry said:


KOG I really hope you never leave. You're needed around here lol

If you're not having fun, what's the point right? LOL!!!

1 minute ago, Jpowers said:

I have no idea how but I forgot how bad this place gets after an ugly loss.


I've really enjoyed not having to worry about it this year though. :slick:

I will never take that job bro...LOL!!!

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I personally think that manamana should be added to the list with

hive sop dap

cat down the mountain melted theater butter

and crop dusting


I almost added another music video that definitely applies to some posters around here, 'the song that never ends' but since we've all now got THIS one that will be stuck in our brains until probably sometime next week, I didn't want to blow anyones mind by posting another one that would too, might cause that ever elusive 'kaboom' that marvin the martian has been searching for all these years  



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1 hour ago, Jpowers said:

I don't want to call out anyone directly man. I'd hate to be wrong and label some poor dude an alt/troll.

I'm confused by this post, because apparently you don't hate to be wrong most of your other  posts.........






bahahahhaa sorry, I just couldn't resist

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1 hour ago, likeriver said:

Is this a TATF humor thread?


I have a problem with some validity here. In that 4th and 5th frame, it appears that the guy who was wrong has changed his position after seeing the evidence. and then looks to be forming a united message board..........



so what alternate world did this come from?



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