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A big factor in the abysmal pass rush is Bryan Cox

The Rock

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Ever since Bryan Cox came to this team to boost the pass rush, we have been at the bottom of the league consistently the last 3 years. Watching him back on hard knocks you can see he doesn't know how to communicate to players. He thinks screaming and cursing at players makes them better pass rushers, he does't know the nuances and intricacies of coaching defensive line, he was a former LB that ran straight through A gaps on open blitzes. 

He shut Hageman down by cursing and screaming at him and not coaching. He admitted it was a mistake the way he coached Hageman.

BUT he did the exact same thing with Beasley, and admitted later that he should't have simply cursed and yelled at Beasley. 

All our pass rushers have talent but they do not simply perform. I believe it's a culmination of poor coaching, specifically Bryan Cox. 


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When we sign a coach that doesn't believe in yelling and cussing, he's too nice and we need a guy who will get in players faces.

When we sign a coach that yells and curses, he'said too mean and we need a guy who understands the nuances of coaching players.

Apparently there's a mythical unicorn of a coach out there that fits both of those categories and that's who we should sign?

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