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Color Rush


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1 hour ago, DirtybyrdGA said:

I doubt these are the ones, I'd expect the same numeral font... Julio "pause button"

Idk they posted every one in the league and mercy that comes with it. And it's coming out tomorrow anyway so it would be the time to leak it. Plus all the reputable uniform people I follow retweeted all these leaks. But like I said the source said either us or the Bucs will have to change colors and these were made before the schedule came out 

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2 hours ago, B_Lo_Touchdowns said:

Looks like a college jersey

I watched the Utah BYU game, and actually liked the Utah uniforms. My thought instantly was I hoped our color rush uni's could look that good. They won't of course......the whole color rush idea just another stupid idea from the NFL if you ask me

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13 hours ago, LookAboutFalcon said:

I hope that is not out Color Rush jersey, looks crimson to me.  I want a black with military grey pattern outlook.

I think that is just the lighting difference in the picture. The front of the jersey looks Falcons red.

This looks to be similar to the garbage that Georgia wore vs. Boise State several years ago in the Georgia Dome.

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