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The elephant in the room


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Some things never change, for example, our organizational claims that we will win the line of scrimmage on both sides of the ball, be tougher, run the ball, disavow our gimmick-ridden finesse style of football, tackle, play defense, etc., etc. 

We do not draft well, we do not hire well. What our front office has is a talent for dissembling, clever talk, marketing schemes, and maintaining a precise level of mediocrity. Mr. Blank has fired Dan Reeves and hired Bobby Petrino... over the phone. Mister Dimitroff has a gift for gab, his talents speak for themselves. Rich McKay is an excellent, inside-source of information on the mysterious goings-on of the NFL rules committee.

We fired or ran off most of the best talent we have had, players and coaches. The natural next step in this progression is to part ways with Matt Ryan. I hope this thread turns out to be the most panic-stricken, chicken-little thing I have ever written, that we win the super-bowl and I quit the message board for another three or four years because people keep quoting it. that would be awesome. I pray for it.

Of course you never panic after one game. But. What we have here is seventeen regular season games and eight preseason games. Anyone comfortable with this regime has to be one seriously cool and patient customer. The dread sense that this is yet another wasted 2-3 years waiting for regime-change is too painful to contemplate, let alone speak, but I cannot stop thinking it. I do watch the games.

Predictions: We miss the playoffs and get a reasonably good draft pick. Kyle Shanahan gets a head-coaching gig. Dan Quinn gets a linebacker's coaching gig. Raheem Morris gets a defensive coordinator gig. Thomas Dimitroff gets a raise and promotion, but continues to perform the same duties. Arthur Blank apologizes to the fans.


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I am not sure where all the coaching and player talent is in the NFL other than Smitty and Koetter. I think someone posted something like 28 of the 32 of the ex Falcons players are out of the league.(numbers might not be exact.

I am willing to be patient with DQ and his defensive scheme. This team needed a lot of talent overhaul.

I was also say that the offense should be better than it is right now. They weren't awful yesterday but "not awful" is not ideal

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4 minutes ago, TheFalconRises said:

we suck but anyone who didn't think we were in for a another 1 or 2 years on this rebuild was fooling themselves. I didn't expect the offense to regress this much tho, I expect Shanny to get shown the door if our season doesn't turn around..probably TD too. Quinn isn't going anywhere.

I mentioned in another thread that It is re-eventing the Wheel to hire your coach then the GM, which your scenario would intel.

With that said, I believe that is EXACTLY what is going to happen. 

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