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Has there ever been a longer tenured starting QB with less postseason success than Matt Ryan?


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Just now, Jailbreak Blitz said:

Not sure how long Dalton has been playing but that may be one.

He was drafted in 2011. Although he hasn't been around as long, he's had the same amount of postseason experience, and less success. He's 0-4 I believe in the playoffs. His passer rating in every postseason game is notoriously bad. The same can't be said for MR, who played good in the 2012 postseason.

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Stafford hasn't done ****, tannehill, Dalton, Luck, Palmer.. pretty much every other team either is a revolving qb door or just got a qb the last 3 yrs.  if you're Brady  Rodgers Wilson Brees manning 1&2 rothkesburger flaccid then your team has a sb in the last 10 yrs.. There's about 24 teams who have it just as bad as us... At least we knocked on the door recently 



* flacco not flaccid lmao

+ rivers hasn't done a ******* thing and he had a top 5 running back and a top 10 TE to ride 

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God, I really hate this board this time of year.  It's like there's a concerted effort to make the Falcons the sh**iest organization that ever laced 'em up.  Might be time for my yearly sabbatical.


Tony Romo - 10 years as the starter (Edit: 2 playoff wins... didn't get the second one until he turned 34)

Matthew Stafford - entering his 8th season as starter 0 playoff wins.

Carson Palmer - 13th season as a starter 1 playoff win... first seven with Bengals 0 playoff wins

Dan Fouts - who is in the Hall of Fame played 8 season before he won his first playoff game.

And that's just off the top of my head.

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