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Anyone else watching Star Wars Rebels


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If you watched Clone Wars, Rebels is the continuation of many of the stories. Season two was fantastic ESPECIALLY the EPIC finale. Season three starts 9\24.

I started watching it with my son, now I'm just as into as he is. Animated or not, 10x better than the prequels, and 100x more original than The New Hope Redux The Force Awakens.


Also for book fans. THEY'RE MAKING GRAND ADMIRAL THRAWN CANON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

If interested in the first two season skip this trailer. Spoilers


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4 minutes ago, atl falcon 89 said:

I'll have to check it out again some time. Didn't much care for season 1 but was thrilled when they added Asoka. 


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I gather from the trailer that things did not end well for our former Clone Wars Pawan


Season one was more of a misadventures type, honestly I was mostly meh on it as well, season two took a huge leap forward in story and subject matter. HUGE.

That was the big cliffhanger, and it was done superbly.

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On 9/17/2016 at 0:15 AM, silentbob1272 said:

I've reached a whole new level. My son is going as Obi-Wan this Halloween and my daughter as Leia, and I'm the one who is most excited.

My wife bought a Darth Vader costume to wear while taking them trick or treating, and it is disturbingly sexy.

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I'd love to know the power of the dark side...

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I watch it on the regular and never miss an episode. There's a lot of canon filler in those episodes.

There's a character called the Bendu that will be introduced. Evidently, it'll connect how it helped Asoka find her way without the Jedi Order and how it is a manifestation between the Light and Dark. Also, in addition to Grand Admiral Thrawn becoming canon, it should give some lead into the new Rogue One movie and possibly even Ep. 8.

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