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(im a fan of)#77 hageman 

I mean as many snaps in pre-season he got and as good as his motor has been..... I dont c him on the stat sheet at all and dont recall seeing him take a snap....... Where/tf/an why not ..... 

(Slowly becoming not a fan)#44 beasley.... Got way to many snaps to not record atleast an assist.....

(Was a fan of)#95 .... He has takeb over kroys roll ... Always there but late ... No real push ....

(fan of)#97 jarrett...solid #45 Jones very quick ...#59 campbell fits in like a vet 

(not a fan of)#99 jackson to slow 

(indifferent about)#91 upshaw

(fan of)#56 spoon ... Plays with fire and emotion

(Not a fan of)#55 pw... Jus mediocre

(not a fan of)#34 poole 

(rather c) alford in slot and tru to shadow best wr 

(not a fan of) ishmel, thereize, or allen..... Under sized need major upgrades at fs not sure what we hace in neal yet?¿

Does anyone know why we did let hageman play seeing our lack of pass rush 

Would have loved to see de shelby dt hageman dt jarrett de beasley lb jones lb campbell lb spoon/reed

With a different lb rushing from time to time some 4man stunts ... Overloads or sumthing

We faced the bucs.... And they played vintage falcons football 0 points in the 4th give the opponents every chance to win and we ... Excuse me "Matt Ryan" plays about as good as vic beasley and we put up a field goal ...... 

I love my falcons but where is the heart beat.... We need some fire

Is the season over?.... NO .... But it will be a long one .... Got alot of coaching points to go over ... And changes need to b made

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