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BOOK COVER: The Atlanta Falcons - 1001 creative ways to lose an NFL game and drive your fans insane


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our 3 biggest problems are 

1) The non-existent pass rush. It's really hard to believe that we continue to have this problem. When will this Front Office finally get us some real elite Pass Rushing talent on the D-line


2) tackling - Dan Quinn says in the pressed after the game that they weren't using the proper technique and leverage--well why are they not??? This is year 2 and tackling should be better than a repeat of last year. He said the same thing in the majority of after game pressers last year. 

3) red zone dysfunction. Why we can move the ball -most of the time -effectively between the 20's and then implode in the RedZone remains one of the biggest continuing mysteries with the Falcons. 

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17 hours ago, GetUSom3 said:

Please remember we have ZERO talent in the front office. It is not easy to FAIL at 9 NFL drafts in a row. Thanks TD.

I have come to realize that our little Prince Dimitroff and his staff of DOZENS are like a Internet College.......all everything on line.

That's great but they're competing in a world against Stanford, Duke, Harvard, MIT, etc.  ......................LOL

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