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Y'all have to forgive me for saying this...I'm a little emotional right now. I've been a fan of ATL sports since I was a child dating back to the late 70s and ONE thing has stood tall the entire time. No matter which team it is, Braves, Hawks, or Falcons - none of them want to play until the mission is dam near impossible. Until that ends, mediocrity will rule. Until we find these players find some "dog" in them this will continue. It's not the fans fault either, I hate hearing that. You can't tell me you don't see it year after year like today's game. These dudes don't play with that dog in em until the ish has hit the fan. It's like they wait til the sky starts to fall before they ball. 

If we played like we did when we were down 31-13 the entire game we would hv EASILY blown the logo off of the Bucs helmets. They came in here with that dog in em and we didn't but this is nothing new. We ALWAYS do this. Other teams know and expect this from us. It ain't hard to tell.

Until we find a way to stop this, disappointment will be ALWAYS be the rule here in Atlanta. I'm mad about this and I hope our players are too. It's sickening listening to ppl talk about how the fans here don't support this team when they don't support themselves over half the time. Why get behind a team that constantly tuck their man-parts in their stomach year after year, decade after decade especially when it counts most? We know it's coming and he'll it's so obvious even Stevie Wonder can see it coming.

i know it's just one game, but **** we ALWAYS say that. Quinn BETTER get that str8 with these guys or we're gonna suck the whole time he's here. Ryan playing perfect can't solve this, the O-line can't fix this, neither can the defense. It takes somebody going Waldo on this team and finding their heart. 

I hope it happens, but I've been doing that since the 70s brother...having said that it's still:


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