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If you happen to be in NC & are looking for a place to watch the games with fellow Falcons fans, I've got you covered.

My wife & I are both long-time Falcons fans who help run The Station in Carrboro (201 E. Main St., Carrboro). We'll be showing the games & making sure our birds are being repped properly in NC!

We'll have the most amazingly delicious tamales on Earth for sale, plus an insane Bloody Mary menu & $3.50 draft pints all day... and we have a pretty impressive selection of regional & national draft beers rotating weekly. In a week or so, when our neighboring CrossTies BBQ opens, we'll also have even more awesome food options available, including NC BBQ, Texas-style brisket, St. Louis-style ribs, wings with Alabama white sauce, and more smoked in-house meat recipes from all over the world, using the highest quality ingredients to bring you the highest quality food possible. This won't be your run-of-the-mill bar food, this is coming from a kitchen owned & operated by renowned chefs.

Not sure how many of you there are out here in NC looking for a place to call our own, but hope you'll join us in making The Station NC's home for the Falcons!

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Dang dude, that's awesome. I'm in the 910 but I'll have to go up there and check it out this season. Few things in this world better than mid-west BBQ. That's gonna be so cool to have a Falcons venue in the heart of NC. I would expect it to be pretty popular. There are actually a ton of Falcons fans in NC from my experience.

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