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Marriage gift from the wife! Game Bound!


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A little early, will post later on in the season, but the wife JUST BOUGHT 2nd ROW TICKETS TO THE CARDINALS GAME!

Super excited to make the trip. Will be my second game, my wife and son (will be 1 year old)

Will post later to see who is tailgating and so on. Cant wait for this season to start!

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4 minutes ago, mikeg272 said:

Congrats! That's great. I'm hoping to make it to a game at some point this season. Never been during a regular season game.

Tickets are surprisingly cheap for the cardinal game. The only Falcon games Ive been to wear the playoff game against GB when we got destroyed and we went to a Lions game in Detroit in 2011.

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Great stuff. I live in Upstate NY now, but I was a STH for years. I just took my daughter to her first Falcon game in 2014.  It was week 1 vs. the Saints. She was 12 at the time.  She a is huge football fan. I was literally apologizing to her at the end of the 2nd quarter: "Well, I guess I picked the wrong game to take you to."  The Falcons were down 20-7 with :20 to go in the half.  Ryan pulled off a FG drive, and the comeback was on. Well, as history would have it, the 2nd half of that game was one of the few bright spots of that season. Robert McClain had a big int, Antone Smith went 50+ on a little dump off pass. Then Jacquizz Rodgers finished the comeback with a nifty little 20 yard run. The play of the game was a late strip of Colston by...I think...William Moore. At the end of the day, she got to walk out of the Dome chanting "We Dat" after listening to the obnoxious "Who Dats" for 2.5 quarters. 

Ironically, the Falcons season may have changed in the 2nd half of that game.  Matthews left with a seemingly minor looking ankle injury. Little did we know, he would fight that for the rest of the year and Ryan would suffer one of the greatest assaults on his person an NFL QB has ever endured. Despite it all, we went 5-1 in the division which left us playing meaningful games for 16 weeks despite a sorry overall record.

Falcons games can be a great family adventure. I hope you have a great time! You never know how important "your game" will be. Best of luck!

Just for fun, the Sean Payton press conference at the end of this video really made me smile!  Love to see him sweat!  Falcons vs. Saints 2014 wk 1

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1 hour ago, 11=team said:

That's great! - Congratulations!  Bring some ear plugs for the little one and make some noise!  Make sure you get to the Dome a couple of hours early to visit Falcons Landing.   Hope you have a fantastic experience!

Definit plan on that! We went to the Falcons - lions game early. One of the few people to go in as soon as the stadium opened.

Got to talk with TD and saw Julio and Ryan warming up doing fades - corner end zone.

We went around and got some good pics. Julio tipped one and it landed right in front of us. Got to say "hello" and "how are you" haha.

before the games are some times the most fun.

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