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Mock 2016 Season / 2017 Offseason


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Tampa Bay - L

Oakland - L

New Orleans- W

Carolina - W

Denver - W

Seattle - L

San Diego - W

Green Bay - L

Tampa Bay - L

Philadelphia - W

Arizona - L

Kansas City - W

Los Angeles - W

San Francisco - W

Carolina - L

New Orleans - W

9 - 7 finish (just outside of making wild card) 19th pick overall

Not a cap-a-la-gist but we currently have around $6.9 mill in capspace after not retaining:

Babineaux, Chester, Worrilow, Goldston, Weatherspoon, Upshaw, Alford, VanDyke, and Freeney and cutting Person and Hageman I estimate our cap will be at around $25.075 mill.


I think we should retain: 

Schraeder 77 mill 5 years 2.3 cap hit

Tamme 1 year 2.3 mill

Schaub 2 year 3 mill 1.1 cap hit

Toilolo 1 year 725K

Wheeler 1 year 650K

Goldston 1 year 850K

Reynolds 1 year 630K

Robinson 2 year 2.5 mill 900K cap hit

Dimarco 3 years 7 mill 800K cap hit

Allen 5 years 22 mill 1.8 cap hit 

Which gives us $13.19 mill in cap space. + what maybe another 2 mill for it rising next year.


Free Agent signs:

Jabaal Sheard DE- 5 years 78 mill 4 mill cap hit

Alex Okafor DE- 4 year 28 mill 2.3 mill cap hit

Dallas Thomas OG- 4 years 46 mill 3 mill cap hit


That leaves us with 5.89 mill in cap space:


2017 Draft:

Round 1: Lowell Lotulelei (NT)- Utah 

We need an immovable object in front of our linebackers to keep O-lineman from reaching the second level so quickly. Star's little brother, he plays just like him. Kechley has Star, Jones needs Lowell.

Round 2: Devonte Fields (Pass Rusher)- Louisville

Only reason he's down this far is character concerns, but Fields is every bit as much of an athlete as Myles Garrett. I think with the coaching staff we have here he could put it all together.


Round 3: Johnny Casper (OG)- Stanford

I think one of the most slept on players coming out this year. Vastly underrated. He will add great depth and competition to our interior. Will be our starting LG by the end of the season.

Round 4: Da'shawn Hand (5/3) - Alabama

Decently stout against the run, he is more of a pass rusher at the 5 position than a run defender, but he's stout enough to man the position.

Round 5: Kevin King (CB)- Washington

Also a vastly underrated player, IMO the most underrated corner coming out this year. I'm still shaky on Collins and I do think King can man the starting position at the NFL level for us. To me he's the mold of what a Cover 3 corner should play and look like.

Round 6: Will Holden (OT)- Vanderbilt

Developmental guy, but I like the none stop effort and length.

Round 7: B.J. Singleton (DT)- Houston

Underrated 3 technique. Murderous first step quickness, but he does have some problems staying healthy.


Depth Chart:

QB- Ryan, Schaeb

RB- Freeman, Coleman, Ward

FB- DiMarco

LT- Matthews, Holden, 

LG- Schweitzer, Casper

OC- Mack, Garland, Schweitzer

RG- Thomas, Levitre

RT- Schraeder, Holden

WR1- Jones, Hardy, Fuller

WR2- Sanu, Robinson, Gabriel

TE- Hooper, Tamme, Toilolo


LEO (EDGE)- Sheard, Reed, Okafor, Fields, Beasley, Clayborn

NT- Lotulelei, Jackson

3-T- Jarrett, Singleton, Shelby, Clayborn

5- Shelby, Hand, Jackson

SAM- Beasley, Fields, Wheeler

LB- Jones, Wheeler, Reynolds

LB- Campbell, Reynolds

CB1- Collins, King, Goodwin

CB2- Trufant, Poole

S- Allen, Therezie

S- Neal, Goldston


Special Teams:

K- Matt Bryant

P- Bosher

KR- McKissic

PR- McKissic



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I thought I was in a time machine read the thread title too fast. Thinking this was about the 2016 draft, and I didn't want to re-experience the constant meltdowns leading up to that, and this season dear lord. 

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4 minutes ago, willer_rookie said:

a tad premature, just a tad.

Yeah after reading through the Mock 2016 Season should have been the only part. I haven't even started watching College Football to really pick any players who are good. 

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On 9/9/2016 at 6:32 PM, Brewcrew said:

So we lose to TB and OAK and then go on two weeks later to beat CAR and DEN back-to-back?  

Just thought judging by the preseason we would come out slow. And my honest opinion is we do not match up well against Tampa, as you can see I have us losing both games. In my opinion we match up better versus CAR and DEN than TB and OAK. CAR I thought doesn't have the secondary needed and I think team wise that's OUR rivalry game not the Saints, the current players hate Carolina more than New Orleans, and we will be able to run the ball better in my opinion because of the lack of a consistent secondary. Denver beginning of the year I didn't trust the QB position, lost significant bodies along the defensive front, if we can stop the run and be balanced on offense we can win that one also. Those were my thoughts...

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On 9/9/2016 at 5:42 PM, Zone#7 said:

Yeah after reading through the Mock 2016 Season should have been the only part. I haven't even started watching College Football to really pick any players who are good. 

What does "started watching College Football" have anything to do with it. Did you watch any college games last year? Think about it this way, people know Myles Garrett is a freak of nature type of player, and they didn't need the whole current 2016 college season to know that. That can be said for pretty much most of the rest of the players coming out. More or less, mostly more you already know what your getting, some guys have the light turn on their last/first year of eligibility but for the most part an educated guess from a fan isn't a stretch as far as what he thinks his team might do and what he thinks his team needs to do to improve.


Plus its fun to debate, that is when you actually have a debate rather than this...

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