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Somebody should start this Game...


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  Why don't somebody who is good with the PC start this  game,, somebody who keeps up with the odds of betting on the Falcons... Who ever makes this game.. We all could start with a $1000.  Each week who ever is running the Game will give us the odds. And each player can bet what ever they want, Or not bet at all,  but if you run out of money, it's over...  I'd love to be the first to join if somebody would do this,, It'd make the season more fun too . And it wouldn't take much time to play,, which I don't have much of.. Who ever wanted to do this could put it on Draft and Free agent board if need be..   Do we have a volunteer to make this game?? If so , I want to be the first to join ...  This is just a game,, so I don't want anybody to think it's real money...  Do I have a Game leader who would like to do this..??

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