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Nick Williams cut


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26 minutes ago, MilleniumFalcon said:

Was a bit early, hopefully he's signed on the practice squad.

That's exactly the first thing I thought of when we claimed Gabriel. Sucks for his family who were so excited just 24 hours earlier. Hopefully he gets picked up somewhere, but if we are being honest Williams has borderline NFL talent at best. 

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20 minutes ago, Falconsfan567 said:



I'm still trying to digest the Steelers getting Justin Gilbert for only a 6th round pick. WTF are the Browns doing? Why didn't the Falcons jump on that?

The Browns are making the Steelers CB's worse than they already are. Their WR's were probably dominating him in camp.

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10 minutes ago, Falconsfan567 said:

No, can't say as I did because I never get to see the Browns play.

I may look at things differently, but at this stage of the game we aren't expecting to get starters per se. I wouldn't mind Gilbert. We are looking at development prospects that could potentially help our team... Quinn calls it his Plan D.  What better  prospects for a Plan D than prospects with immense talent, enough to be drafted in the first round? Instead of Williams and Gabriel, I would prefer Aaron Dobson. Would also love for us to look at Werner. Wanted Mingo too but Patriots got him and already he's looking like a different player. 

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