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Braves offered Tebow a minor league deal


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ESPN’s Pedro Gomez reports that the Atlanta Braves are interested in signing former NFLQB Tim Tebow to a minor league contract.

Atlanta was reportedly one of five major league clubs that met with Tebow individually after his pro workout in Los Angeles on Tuesday. The former Broncos and Jets quarterback and 2007 Heisman Trophy winner is attempting to kick-start his baseball career at age 29, after not playing the sport since his high school days in Florida.

Gomez also linked Tebow to the Colorado Rockies this week.

According to ESPN, 28 of 30 MLB teams attended Tebow’s workout, with the Athletics and Cubs not making the trip. Tebow shagged fly balls and took batting practice, showing enough to garner some pro interest.


Not sure if it's been discussed yet.  Sounds like a new stadium PR move.

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4 minutes ago, WhenFalconsWin said:

He was out for a long stretch yes.  The only similarities I see is age more than anything.  Morris had professional experience in the minors until his injury derailed his career.  How he came back at an older age and threw 10 mph faster than he had done before I'll never know.  

But see, that's what I'm getting at. It doesn't really matter to me that Morris pitched in the minors before his long lay off. The fact is that he had the long lay off and came back and made it to the majors. I'm not saying Tebow is capable of doing the same thing. I'm just saying it wouldn't surprise me if it happened.

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