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DT Jordan Hill

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I don't know, in a way at the top I like these tackles better than last year because the top are better pass rushers and more versatile.   I would say all of the top at least the top 3 maybe top 5 are all potential 10 - 12 sack guys up the middle in the league. As far as pass rushers up the middle its' deep. You can get you a Kendall Langford type guy late in this draft. The Kawaan Short type tackles are coming out in this years draft.  This is the year to get a pass rusher at DT.

1. Lowell Lotulelei

2. Malik McDowell

3. Jonathan Allen

4. Caleb Brantley

5. Jarran Jones


Might be sleeping on these...


Lowell would have been the top one if he came out last year IMO


Malik McDowell would be great because of his quickness and length, gives him the ability to play both our 5 and 3. Think Mohamid Wilkerson, at least that's what I see when I see him play. I can see him being a 12 sack guy in the league.



D.J. Jones is built like a fire hydrant, quick first step plus playing weight 323lbs, he could play both nose and 3.



Another long quick Wilkerson type guy here, just wouldn't play him inside, he could but I would keep him at 5 if I was the coach




Reminds me of Jay Ratiff back in the day. Very stout tackle, quick feet. I would put him at nose or 3.


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