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The let's discuss Colin Kaepernick and not **** all over the best thing on the internet thread

Mr. Hoopah!

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3 minutes ago, Leon Troutsky said:

Not sure why it's a big deal.  Who cares if he wants to stand, sit, or jerk off during the National Anthem?

The same people who like to complain that other people complain too much and get too offended also like to complain and get offended by anything. 

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3 minutes ago, Worzone said:

It's his right to be a dbag. And our right to dislike him. 

Irony here is alot of people defending him thought players like roddy white and others should be suspended or kicked off their teams for disagreeing with homosexual activity as a sin.  Both are free speech. 

Free speech is free speech whether i like what you are saying or not. Let players be human, express their own thoughts and lets stop acting like they are super special.

I agree with this.  I'd also add that we should stop looking to athletes and celebrities for political opinions.  

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2 minutes ago, SpongeDad said:

Agreed. But this whole anthem sit-down thing seems like an attention whøre stunt to draw focus back to him while his qb career crumbles. 

If I were him, I would be doing everything in my power to get my *** on the field and beat out Blaine ******* Gabbert, but I guess he has other priorities. 

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I don't have a problem with what he did.  Honestly, the most persuasive complaint I hear is that he is rich and famous and certainly has not been oppressed as he claims black people are oppressed in this country.

Well, if that's the complaint, who better to make the statement?  I mean, some dude who just got shot in Philly isn't around to do it.  Some guy wasting away in prison on false charges can't do it.  One of the perks of becoming rich and famous is you get a platform to raise awareness for issues you care about.

I'm cool with it.  I don't think his choice is the right choice, but the greatest thing about this country is other people don't get to make your choices for you.  Conscience is still something we value in this country.  If I'm going to stand up for the conscience rights of a Christian baker or a conscientious objector, why not Colin Kaepernick?

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