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Man I love these falcons, and a question


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Woo go falcons.  Now that I've met the TATF requirements..

Where do you guys get your stats. I'm looking for more detailed information than what espn has..like snap counts,  giving up sacks..stuff like that. 

I know there probably isn't anything as good as pff premium stats that is no longer available but they had really good stuff in there so I'm looking for something similar 

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1 hour ago, EVIL Dan Quinn said:

Woo go falcons.  Now that I've met the TATF requirements..


Oh man, if you have beef with "liking" the team, then boy do I have a site for you. There are some other message boards that literally have Falcons in their URL but it isn't because anyone there likes the team.

Trust me, being a fan and hoping the team does well is one thing. Hate filled blind rage is another thing. Those sites are out there if that's your thing.

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Advanced stats tend to be behind a paywall, here's some of my favorite sties I accumulated over time:


http://www.pro-football-reference.com/players/R/RyanMa00.htm , under the team pages you can find detailed box scores with snap counts- not for preseason unfortunately. Tons of stats on the site.

ESPN splits for QBs have a lot of good info, go to the players profile page.

http://overthecap.com/ is my favorite site for contract info

https://www.teamrankings.com/nfl/stat/passing-play-pct for basic team stats

http://www.primecomputing.com/ for calculating QB ratings

http://www.sportingcharts.com/nfl/stats/player-offensive-snap-count-stats/2015/ for basic team stats

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