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College Replays?


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So for the first time in my life I'm working weekends for the forseeable future. Such as it is I refuse to give up my dorking out on football habits cold turkey. (I'm sure you guys understand)

Now Im a cable cutter so to the best of my knowledge Tivo or DVR doesnt seem be an option unless thier somehow compatible with Amazon fire/Chromecast/Xbox One/Antenna but I don't think so. 

I can aquire all the passwords in the world (for like say ESPN3) I need so that's not really a problem and I'm not afraid to pay a subcription or two if reasonably priced (I'm investing in NFL Game pass for Sundays) though I'd  also be interested in ahem free semi legal sources :ninja: as well (do torrents even do sports?)

Basically the main thing I'm missing at this point is SEC on CBS (or if their is a better way to watch ESPN games.) Anybody know if the app or say thier YouTube channel does replays? I'd kill for a site that did condensed replays like Gamepass. The unfortunate nature of conference tv contracts seems to be it spreads everything out.

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You can find torrents but idk how easy they'll be to find for UGA. 

Id say the only games you'll have trouble with are the CBS Ganes. 

I'd think every other game is on ESPN/secn and those are always added to watchespn

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3 hours ago, MemphibianDawg said:

If it comes down to it and you just can't find a replay, this guy does a pretty good job of getting them up on YouTube. For instance. he has last night's game between Cal and Hawai'i up already. It's tougher during the season when there are so many more games but, in a pinch, not a bad resource.

Exactly the kind of stuff I was looking for

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